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       At the end of our son’s cheder year, his rebbi told us that gan safa   SPEECH
       (preschool for specialized language development) would be the best
       option for the upcoming school year. But we were far too late to even
       think of starting the lengthy application process. With nowhere to turn,   The
       we called Chaim V’Chessed.
       We were running a race against the clock, but Chaim V’Chessed jumped   behind
       right in. While most people were on vacation, the selfless staff at Chaim   chaim v'chessed's
       V’Chessed were on call at all hours. The bureaucracy involved was so   SPECIAL EDUCATION
       much less daunting because we weren’t alone. Someone really cared.  department:
       By Rosh Chodesh                     Elul, we had b”H
       managed to obtain   Through Chaim   all the forms and      Mrs. D’vora Grossbaum, M.A. CCC-
       evaluations  that  V’Chessed we     we  needed  to  start   SLP, utilizes her connections and
       the   application  have literally   process.  Through      vast experience in her position as
       Chaim V’Chessed’s                   connections, a place   educational consultant for Chaim
       was kept for us   been granted a    in the gan safa of     V’Chessed’s  special  education
       our choice, which   new child!      gave us the chance
                                                                  department. She is a Speech/
       to proceed. Chaim                   V’Chessed kept us
                                                                  Language Pathologist, Supervisor,
       informed and checked in on a regular basis, showing us how much we
                                                                  and Early Childhood Special Educator
                                                                  who has been working in Israel since
       A few days before Yom Kippur, we were informed that our son had been
                                                                  1980. Mrs. Grossbaum has served as
       accepted and would be able to start in his new gan after Sukkos.
                                                                  supervisor at several special education
       This past school year has proven tremendously beneficial for our son.
                                                                  institutions and runs a private speech
       He has come out of the shell he was living in, and his social standing -
                                                                  and language practice for preschool
       as well as his self-confidence and self-esteem - has greatly improved.
       Whereas we previously had to literally beg him to share his experiences
       in cheder, he can’t seem to tell us enough now about his wonderful
       experiences in gan safa. He is so much more aware of what is going on   Mrs. Faigie Gugenheim, B.Sc., serves
       and reports it all back. B”H he is really thriving, growing and so happy   as coordinator of Chaim V’Chessed’s
       and fulfilled.                                             special education department and
       Through Chaim V’Chessed we have literally been granted a new child!   consultant for parents of children with
       This was the best thing we could ever have done for him!   unique emotional, educational, or
       We owe special appreciation to Mrs. D’vora Grossbaum and Mrs. Faigie   developmental needs. She has been
       Gugenheim, who were unbelievable in every way – thank you so much   working in the field of special education
       for all your help, guidance and support at every stage of the stressful   in Israel for 15 years. Concurrently, Mrs.
       process! You helped us achieve the almost impossible, b’ezras Hashem!  Gugenheim is a supervisor in Shtilim, a
       Wishing you much hatzlacha in your continued unparalleled holy work   Jerusalem school for children on the
       for the klal.                                              autistic spectrum.
       Parents of Aharon Tzvi*                                           CHILD
                   PLACEMENT                            PHYSICAL
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