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     VISA DOCUMENT                                                                          BILLS  WATER

                        ASSISTANCE                                                POLICIES

                     isas. Bituach Leumi. Water bills. Property tax. Driver’s licenses. Passports. With
                 Vthe constantly changing policies of these offices, it’s hard for native Israelis to navigate
                 the system. Ever wonder how people who don’t speak the language figure it all out?

                 Chaim V’Chessed’s bureaucratic department helps English speakers maximize
                 their government office encounters. We advocate for callers who have received unfair
                 responses from Bituach Leumi, their municipality, or the special education board on their
                 health plan. We lobby for change on behalf of the foreign citizen community in Jerusalem
                 and beyond. We build connections with key officials. Our database of information guides
                 offers clear, detailed instructions on a huge range of subjects, and it just keeps growing.
                 Chaim V’Chessed’s bureaucratic advisers offer the direction and assistance you need to
                 achieve bureaucratic success.

                 I have no words to thank you for all the time and effort you spent guiding, advising and helping me to manage my
               bureaucratic matters here in Israel. It was not so long ago that a trip to a government office had to be repeated a number
               of times before succeeding. You have definitely saved me a lot of time and money by helping me get my negative income tax
               benefit and filing for my Arnona discount. You even contacted members of the Iriyah to clarify things for me. Thank you so
               much and keep up your good work!

          3,178                         2,182                           1,818

          BITUACH LEUMI                VISAS & INTERIOR                 CITIZENSHIP &                     LEGAL &
     (NATIONAL INSURANCE)                  MINISTRY                       CONSULAR                      FINANCIAL
              CASES                          CASES                           CASES
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