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       REFERRAL  INSURANCE   SERVICES                                                 DOCTOR


                  child falls and needs stitches. An elderly tourist suffers a stroke.  An  expectant
               A  mmother needs advice on insurance. The father of a large family will be at one child’s
               hospital bedside all Shabbos. A little girl in critical condition needs immediate medical
               transport to the States.
               When a medical crisis hits, English speakers in Israel turn to one address: Chaim V’Chessed.
               Our medical services department offers advice and support for hospital patients, assistance
               and advocacy in  kupot cholim (healthcare providers), expedited appointments, direction
               toward food and transportation, assistance with Shabbos arrangements, women’s health
               guidance and more. With extensive experience in the Israeli medical system, Chaim V’Chessed’s
               team provides English speakers with resources and support throughout any medical crisis.

                               CHAIM V’CHESSED’S HOSPITALITY ROOM
                                               in the
                                  SHAARE ZEDEK EMERGENCY ROOM
                    ה״ע ביל קחצי תב עגייפו ל״ז ביל הירא ר״ב ןד לדנעמ םחנמ ברה תמשנ יוליעל

    It’s not always a dramatic story. Sometimes it’s a simple story   V’Chessed. I reached Rabbi Freedman, and with a quick gut voch, I
    about the first time your kid needs stitches.  explained where we were holding and asked him what would be our
    With the men out davening Maariv, we women were left home with   best course of action. He put me on hold to make a few inquiries and
    the kids as we tried to navigate the mess of eight days of yom tov and   got back to me saying that Hadassah Ein Kerem’s ER might be the
    shepherd the little ones to bed. My two year old was sitting on the   least busy. He also instructed me to call Meuhedet (even telling me
    counter near the sink. I turned around for a second, and she chose   to press extension 9 for the emergency line!) ahead of time and get a
    that moment to grab more soap, slipping head first to the floor. I   referral so that the hospital visit would be covered and we wouldn’t
    looked at the big cut on her forehead and yelled to my sister to call   have to deal with getting refunded retroactively - a headache that
    Hatzolah. Baruch Hashem, they came quickly, and after assessing   you never think about until the emergency is over.
    the situation, they told me I should make havdalah and take her to   Baruch Hashem the rest of the night went smoothly, with my two
    the ER to get stitched up immediately.        year old happily consuming as many chocolate chips as she could
    My sister suggested reaching out to a private doctor who could open a   ever dream of.
    clinic and do the stitches for me, but how could I find a private plastic   In America, I would’ve called my pediatrician, or my father’s friend
    surgeon on a motzei yom tov? Maybe a hospital surgeon would be a   who’s a Hatzolah member, or my parents themselves. Here in Eretz
    better choice, but which hospital should I go to? Questions hanging,   Yisrael, Chaim V’Chessed fills the role of all those people and thinks
    I quickly packed up a bag. The men came home and made havdalah   of all the small details, as well.
    and we headed out the door. Luckily, we knew whom to call - Chaim
           834                      1,857 770

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